In the lab

Biomimicry in Material Design

From the Greek bios; life, and mimesis; imitation, biomimicry means innovation inspired by nature. Exploratory research in a material driven design perspective started as a project frame in class at KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi under the guidance of the Material Design LabClick here for the school article



Closing the loop


It's about re-thinking the lifecycle of a product.

Just like in nature - the apple girl products are meant to be consumed. They can go back to the soil from where they once came without harming people or the planet.  

The concept is full circular economy in this way, mimicking life by looking to nature for inspiration and solutions.


video pitch

the apple girl



Andreas Omvik and Rigtig Cider, 2016

KEA Campaign video, 2017




Flourishing Design


It's about treating our bodies and the planet with kindness and respect. In Scandinavia sustainability and eco friendly design is in. The apple girl proposes a new perspective on what lasting design means and how we consume it.

The truth is, natural organisms have managed to do everything we want to do without guzzling fossil fuels, polluting the planet or mortgaging the future.
— Janine Benyus